Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Nitro Truck Review

Anyone that wants a top quality gas powered RC than try the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert. From the makers of Redcat Racing , they have a high reputation for quality. It really would be hard to pick a better quality nitro truck than the Vortex SS Desert.

Below we find out what makes the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert a high quality nitro powered RC, we detail everything from it’s features to the most asked questions. What current owners think and where to get the best prices…It’s all below.

Features – Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Nitro Truck

The Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert nitro truck looks amazing but it also has a lot of power and some cool features, here are some of main features explained in more detail.


The Engine – Fast and powerful, the Desert Nitro has plenty of power from it’s 3.0cc sh-18 engine. Gas powered Rc’s are usually faster than electric, and the SS Desert is certainly proof of that. With speeds of about 40 -50 mph this RC has plenty of grunt.

The Chassis – Sturdy and strong with a 2.5 mm thick tough aluminum chassis. Keeping it sturdy is 4 oil filled aluminum bodied shockies. The aluminum chassis is strong enough to handle just about everything you can throw at it, without worrying about breaking.

Transmission – 2 speed transmission makes the Vortex SS quick off the mark and gives plenty of top speed as well. About 40 – 50 mph. You’ll definitely need some open space to run this truck, once it hits 2nd gear it is pretty easy to lose control from the sheer power.

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(FAQ) Questions & Answers

Q: Is it 4wd?
A: Yes it’s 4wd, and needs it for the power it has.

Q: Is the SS Desert Nitro Waterproof?
A: No, the Volcano is not waterproof, it’s splash proof if it does get wet you’ll need to clean it straight after use.

Q:  How long does a tank of gas last?
A: A full tank of nitro will last about 15 – 20 minutes depending on how your driving it.

Q: Are batteries included and how many?
A: Batteries are not included, it will need 12 AA batteries all up (4 for the car and 8 for the receiver)

Should you buy the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Nitro Truck?

From the brand name to the parts used to build the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert, it’s all about quality! Are you willing to spend some cash? Then you won’t get much better than this gas RC from the features, parts, service and performance. If your looking for a TOP of the range nitro truck for a great price then the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Nitro Truck would be hard to not choose.

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