HPI Racing 109964 RTR Baja 5SC Truck Review

You pay for quality right? Well the HPI Racing 109964 “Gas Powered” Baja is one of the best quality Gas RC trucks available but it is certainly not the cheapest.

If the Baja 5SC doesn’t do what you need than no RC truck will do it. While the price for the Baja 5SC is rather high, many people have chosen this ready to run RC and were more than happy with their purchase.

Do we think it’s worth the high price?

We’ll let you decide, below are all the features in detail, what we think and answer some of the most asked questions we found to help you decide if it’s the right RTR RC Baja Truck for you.



Features of the HPI Racing 109964 BajaHPI Racing Baja 5SC Chassis

The HPI Racing 109964 Baja has plenty of great, useful features. Here are some of the main features in detail so you have a clear understanding of what it can do.

  • Strength – The Baja 5SC is made with quality parts, the chassis is black anodized 4mm 6061-T6 aircraft grade extruded and CNC milled metals. Very strong and able to handle a real beating.
  • Built in roll cage to protect any damage you may want to inflict by pushing the limits, this cage helps protect the engine and other important electrics under the hood.
  • The Gas powered 26S CC Engine is what provides power and grunt to really impress, with speeds of about 45 mph this will impress anyone watching.

Baja 5SC Truck Tyres

  • 1:5th Scale RTR 2WD Short Course Truck capable of running for up to 45 minutes on a single tank, Unleaded Gasoline, 87-93 octane, mix gasoline and two cycle oil at 25:1 ratio Building and track equipment.
  • Keeping it snug to the road is the Hot Bodies Rodeo Tires, Tire foam wheels which provides the traction, and with the speed this RC truck does you’ll need traction, and decent road space to run this beast.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the HPI Racing 109964 Baja good for beginners?

A: The HPI Racing Baja probably has too much power for beginners, more suited for advanced hobbyist’s.

Q: Is this RC RTR? (Ready To Run)

A: Yes it comes pre assembled ready for use.

Q: What sort of speed can the Baja Truck do?

A: It has plenty of torque for get up and go power, out of the box speed is about 45 mph. Very Fast!

Q: How long does a tank of fuel last?

A: A full tank of fuel according to manufacturer lasts about 45 minutes which is awesome, most other “gas” trucks last about 20 minutes max before needing a re-fuel.

HPI Racing 5SC Suspension

Should you buy the HPI Racing 109964 RTR Baja 5SC Truck?

The quality is high, the HPI Racing 109964 Baja is made with quality parts, heaps of useful features. If you want the best then try the HPI Racing 109964 RTR Baja 5SC Truck, this ready to run RC is a fantastic buy and it should be considering the price. Let us know what you think?

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