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Below we’ll show you our “top rated RC truck list” for Nitro Rc’s, Electric, Beginners and Pro’s and our buying guide.

And don’t forget to check out our reviews for more in-depth information, questions and answers you might have and what we think.



Our Rating


Exceed RC Electric Infinitive EP - Electric Powered
- Fast for electric
8.5 Read our full review
HPI Baja 5SC - Gas Powered
- Super Fast
- High Quality Parts
9.6 Read our full review
Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck - Electric Power
- Great RC for Starting with
- Waterproof electrics
7.8 Read our full review

Top 5 Best Selling RC Trucks!

#1 Best Seller
Headlights glow with forward motion. Red tail lights when car backs up.
#2 Best Seller
Electric Brushed 27T 540 Motor, Four Wheel Drive, High Torque Servo
#3 Best Seller
Powered with superb and fast brushed RC380 motor in unceasingly efficient drivetrain , this 4WD truck Rampage speeds topping to 30MPH, which finds operators in marvelous enjoyment.
#4 Best Seller
Available in race replica versions with officially licensed paint and graphics scale ProGraphix truck body
#5 Best Seller
Headlights glow with forward motion. Red tail lights when car backs up.
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What Is The Best RC Truck?

The Best RC truck for you will depend on a few “factors”. Do you want a nitro RC or an electric truck? Gas powered RC’s are usually faster out of the box but are harder to use due to the sheer power.

Both electric and gas have their pro’s and con’s, it’s really up to you which you’d prefer.

  • Nitro / Gas – If you go with nitro, then you’ll need to learn how and what fuel you’ll need, and if you’ve never had a fast RC before it will take a little getting used to the power and torque.
  • Electric RC’s are normally ready to run out of the box, just charge the batteries, plug them in and your away. This type is easier to get started with and can be upgraded when needed for more speed and performance.

Best RC Truck For Beginners

If your a beginner it’s best to start with an electric RC truck like the Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX, this is a cool truck to start with. The EPX is a quick ready to run truck perfect for starting out.

Once you get the hang of driving this RC, the Volcano can be upgraded with faster motors, bigger and better batteries for longer runs and parts are easy and well priced to get.

best rc truck for beginners

Check out our review of the Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX here – It’s a cool truck for beginners or for anyone wanting an awesome electric RC  at a great price.

Best Nitro/Gas RC Truck

We know how fast and fun RC Nitro trucks are, the HPI Racing Baja 5SC truck is about as good as you’ll get.

It’s a really fast, high quality RC truck that will blow you away with it’s power, but it comes at a price, you can get it for up to 47% off HERE… <<< For The Pro’s or showing off 🙂

Best Gas Nitro RC Truck

#1 Best “CHEAP” Nitro RC Truck

If you want the best ‘cheap’ nitro RC then we like the Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Truck, while it’s not as good as the HPI Racing Baja above, it is an awesome cheaper option that certainly doesn’t lack in the performance or quality section.

The SS Desert is one of the best cheaper gas powered RC’s available.

Our Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert review goes into more detail on why we think it’s worth it.

Electric RC Trucks – Our Top Pick!

The Exceed RC Electric Infinitive EP is our TOP choice for electric RC trucks in 2016. The Infinitive EP looks cool and is quite fast for electric RTR (ready to run) RC.

With speeds of about 30-40 mph straight out of the box makes this RC truck very quick.

best electric rc

This Exceed RC is a great truck for anyone wanting a quality, electric RC that will blow away most other electric remote controls straight out of the box, also can easily be upgraded for even more power and performance.

The Basics! Buyers Guide…

Gas VS Electric RC’s

nitro rc motorNitro powered RC trucks are usually faster than the electric trucks. Some of the gas powered remotes can run in 70 to 90 mph mark. These gas trucks run on a special fuel made just for radio controlled Rc’s.

There are more working parts and higher maintenance of Gas trucks, they are also pretty noisy when running. Gas powered also run for longer periods and fuel can be topped up easy.


electric rc motorElectric Rc’s however can be upgraded with faster engines once you get the hang of it or get bored, better batteries for longer use and quicker chargers can be bought. The electric RC only requires a charged battery to run.

These are the most popular truck, they are also run quietly compared to nitro’s.


Kit Or RTR (ready to run)

Kit form comes with all the parts and instructions for your RC, kits need to be put together by you. These are great if you want to learn all the working parts of an Rc, and it’s quite fun tinkering around and detailing your truck how you want it.

Ready To Run (RTR) is just what is says. The RTR Rc’s come already together, although 99% of the time AA batteries will need to bought for the controller, but other than that the battery provided needs a good first charge then your away ready to run.

2WD Or 4WD? Your Choice…

Two wheel drive Rc trucks are more for speed and flat smooth surfaces, if you don’t plan on going off road with your Rc then a 2 wheel drive will do the job.

If your wanting fun off road or on smooth surfaces then a 4WD truck is the go. These can be used on rough surfaces (if the truck you choose is built for off road). Some four wheel drive Rc trucks are NOT built for off road even though they are 4WD, this is usually due to having a lot of power at the wheels given it more traction.

Whether you choose 2wd or 4wd is totally up to you and what you plan to use your RC for.